The Dianic Tradition. Female Witchcraft and Mysteries
Publisher: ANU Publications

Dianic Tradition is a neo-pagan, female-centered religion based on the worship of the Great Mother and women’s awakening and empowerment.
This book is a grimoire of female witchcraft and dianic spirituality, as well as a flame of inspiration for all women interested in starting their own journey inside the Magical Mysteries of Womanhood.

[currently only in Italian language]

Il Giardino che Cura
Publisher: Brigantia Editrice

Gardens are the realm of serenity and contemplation, compared to paradise as utopian place where sensibility and knowledge coexist in a perfect harmonious synthesis. The ability of the nature to cure the diseases of the soul, through our sensory perceptions, generates a positive action that has an effect on the physical body improving the whole quality of our life. Healing Gardens belong to the holistic therapies based on an integration between material and spiritual world. Inside us there isn't a division between mind and body and a garden, preparing minds to beauty, peace and quietness is able to instill a well-being feeling that leads a general improvement of our health.

[currently only in italian language]