Plant allies

We depend from plants in a very deep and intimate way, plants provide us air to breath, food to survive and medicine to heal. We can definitely say that we live because of plants. But plants can donate us much more than what is just visible and obvious, indeed they can nurture and teach our own soul thanks to their conscious Spirit and ancestral knowledge.
Below you will find some Plant Spirits I have been deepening my relationship with in order to share their wisdom and Medicine. The information reported come from knowledge collected via Plant Spirit Healing techniques I have acquired on my training as practitioner. Not all plants might wish to work with us, or sharing their medicine and healing knowledge, and personally speaking, the sign received from plants who wishes to work with me in some way has often been a sort of immediate feeling of falling in love inducing a sensible exchange and reciprocity, or “meetings” during dreamtime (especially for those plants who were for me not easily to be physically found due the local environment I was in, or other circumstances).

mugwortArtemisia vulgaris - Mugwort
The Spirit of Mugwort is a powerful and wise sorceress holding lunar mystery and magic. It is the initiator who opens the gates of our energy body, and that speaks the language of the wild ancient spirits of the land.
Mugwort guides us during the dreamtime to find knowledge and healing, it enhances the VI chakra helping with divination, psychic vision and clairvoyance, it also connects us to the moon energy helping to see the unseen, behind the veil of the illusion of matter, and it protects, clears and align our energy body allowing energy to flow freely.
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maidenhairfernAdiantum spp. - Maidenhair fern
The Spirit of Maidenhair fern is a graceful dancing Nymph of streams water. Her dance soothes the heart and brings relief in time of heaviness and stress, intoxicating our emotions with a summer and gentle breeze of the undergrowth. Maidenhair fern helps to free us from feeling of guilty and shame concerning physical pleasure and sexuality, and embrace our sensuality, so they can become openings to the our true and divine self, and to connect with our light-hearted spirit to find authenticity and inspiration by freely expressing our body and beauty.
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anemoneAnemome coronaria - Anemone
The Spirit of Anemome holds inspiration from the true-self. It absorbs sunlight knowledge and processes it within its core. It reaches toward the sky and help us to enhance creativity through the contact with our authentic-self, bringing wonder, stimulating curiosity and helping us to listen the voice of our heart and inner sun. It helps to overcome excessive shyness, supporting the development of our mystery, beauty and individuality, and inducing self-expression in order to share our-self and our gifts with the community. It allows us to be receptive from within, and dissipate depression and sadness trough the reconnection with our own inner child.
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cornflowerCentaurea cyanus - Cornflower
The Spirit of Cornflower surrounds us with a blissful embrace where the boundaries of our ego-self merge in an universal wave of energy.
It helps to create a bridge toward the divine source and Cosmic Consciousness through which we are all connected. It helps to develop feelings of wholeness, empathy, integration, cooperation, inner peace, connection with the earth, humanity, sharing, openness, understanding and also supporting in healing and shamanic processes for recovering our soul fragments.
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nigellaNigella damascena - Nigella
Nigella is a defiant spirit who teaches us to embrace the beauty of our true-self dissipating fears of expression and judgments, and to find clarity trough reconnecting with our body and sensitive knowledge: "I see/know, because I feel".
It brings inner order from chaos creating a new harmony, helps to enhance and expand the VI chakra knowing via our senses, to discern needs and priorities, to preserve our own diversity, individuality and truth, to become more receptive and direct energy through the third eye.
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roseRosa spp. - Wild Rose
Rose is the warrior of the heart, its guardian and healer. During my first connection with this powerful ally the Spirit of Rose appeared to me as the Magdalene, a beautiful woman covered in tattered clothing and mud, but strong, standing full of dignity in her own feet. An Amazon Queen returning victorious from a battle.
Rose spirit helps to regaining inner power and dignity through the beauty of the heart and its integrity, it supports when in need of emotional healing, especially for women which have suffered abuses, have been belittled and not respected for living and speaking their own truth. It is also a very empowering ally for females involved in the Priestess path and women's spiritual movements.
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white poplarPopulus alba - White Poplar
The Spirit of White Poplar reminds us that we are the "Universal Twins" - earthly and divine. We are the sacred Marriage between the Earth and the Sky, we are animals and we are human, we are light and we are darkness, we are energy and we are matter, and when we remember our innate liminal power, we become magic.
White Poplar helps to find balance between all the different parts of our-self. Without choosing which of them to be, but embracing them all, we became whole and we can express our full potential.
It also helps to dismiss fear of unknown, transforming it in curiosity, to see magic in the simplicity of being and in the union of diversities. It helps to let go what does not serve us, in order to move forward into new life-adventures with open mind, light heart and yet deep rooted in the earth.
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wolfsbaneAconitum napellus - Monkshood
Monkshood lies between the light and the dark, in that grey area where great forces and possibilities are accessible via our will and freedom of choice. It possesses an ancient and ambivalent Spirit who can guide us along the darkest side of the psyche, helping to face fears discovering what hides behind them, and to reintegrate our Shadows-self with courage, lucidity, understanding and compassion. It represents the connection of infinite souls and protects us on a spiritual and energy level, screening our Crown chakra. The Spirit of Aconitum can also help to clear the mind and frees us from confusions, inner monsters, fears, obsessive thoughts and mind manipulation. It can also support us on connecting with the spirit world, with our spiritual guides and/or ancestors, during important life passages, transitions and paradigm shifts which require deep renewal, growth through crisis, letting go what does not serve us or the destruction of old negative behaviour patterns, and in time of challenges when we can only rely on ourself, giving us resilience and clarity of mind.
Monkshood Spirit serves our spiritual evolution and growth helping us to overcome self-imposed limitations created from fears, addictions, social conditioning and false beliefs. - Buy Monkshood flower essence: 10ml bottle or 30ml bottle

belladonnaAtropa belladonna - Belladonna
“Real beauty lies within and it is an expression of the Divine”, this is one of the message of the Spirit of Belladonna. Its purple and green colours and single tubular flowers, with internally several membrane-shape marks and six (number associated with “The Lovers” major arcana of Tarots) stamens, express the connection that this plant carry with the heart and the eyes, and the ability to find beauty through the heart as organ of perception. We can see real beauty only looking with the “eyes of Love”, if not, we will only seek an eternal vanity which will poison our heart and soul.
This Plants spirit helps to acknowledge beauty within our-self and around us, to overcome shyness, acquire confidence, to emotionally connect with our true-Spirit, projection on the earth plane of our higher-self, our own soul-companion. It can also help to overcome feeling of worthless and overcome emotional hunger supporting inner-beauty as representation of the Divine, and a way to find and experience a sacred loving connection to it.
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stramoniumDatura stramonium - Stramonium
"The truth behind the material illusion we call reality can be so scary to drive you insane...are you ready for this?" - So it screams the Spirit of Stramonium, aiming toward the sky where its stellar and galactic nature reside, the Glory of the Divine. Datura stramonium is the Enlightener, an angel with thorny wings, white like the pure light, and able to make us blind, because now is the time to know via our hidden eye.
This plant Spirit helps to awake and develop the pineal gland, directly connected to the ability to see beyond reality. It enhances our VI and VII chakra, support us on raising our DNA vibration, and working with celestial/galactic energy.
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henbaneHyoscyamus spp. - Henbane
The Spirit of Henbane connects us with the underworld and the ancestral creatures who live in this realm. Its energy works on the III and VII chakra, feeding our solar plexus with feral power and improving courage and confidence.
It protects during spiritual work concerning the underworld, so it is a powerful ally for shamans and travellers to the below-world. It also helps to connect with animals and to our primitive self, rewilding and amplifying our senses.
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poppyPapaver somniferum - Opium Poppy
The Spirit of Opium Poppy is a protector and keeper. It teaches us the path of awakening via the dreamtime, and to preserving our core, the heart, to be nurtured with divine light. It brings us back to the centre, and perpetuates life holding its many seeds inside a green chamber where the four primordial elements meet together in an Alchemical process of transformation.
Poppy spirit helps to protect and grow our own immortality, understood as the heritage we wish to leave to this earth, via focussing on our heart and let it nurtures our spirit. Its medicine brings us relief from grief for the death of our beloveds, and helps in case of resistance to let go, reminding us that spirit survives and perpetuates in what we have left into this world, and in our children as well. We are part of our ancestors and they are part of us, and we can always find them within our blood, DNA and memories.
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Plant allies for healing, soul and energy work: Anemone, Belladonna, Cornflower, Maidenhair fern, Monkshood, Mugwort, Nigella, Opium Poppy, White Poplar, Wild Rose.
Plant allies for esoteric practices, shamanic and spiritual work: Belladonna, Cornflower, Henbane, Monkshood, Mugwort, Opium Poppy, Stramonium, Wild Rose.

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