plant spirit essence

nigella damascena

Nigella is a defiant spirit who teaches us to embrace the beauty of our true-self dissipating fears of expression and judgments, and to find clarity trough reconnecting with our body and sensitive knowledge: "I see/know, because I feel".
It brings inner order from chaos creating a new harmony, helps to enhance and expand the VI chakra knowing via our senses, to discern needs and priorities, to preserve our own diversity, individuality and truth, to become more receptive and direct energy through the third eye.

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Into the Dream of Plants

Walking the path of Green Spirits

plant spirit shamanism

Working with nature Spirits we can focus on our heart and senses with trust, love and intention to merge our own consciousness with plants intelligence. We can come back to our roots rememebring the holy connection of all living beings, embracing life with awarness, gratitude and integrity.

plant essences

Plant essences are liquid extracts which contain the energy imprinting of plants, and can be used for healing, energy work, personal and spiritual development.
Each plant holds unique gifts, medicine and vibrations able to interact, harmonize and influence our energy system.

healing with plant spirits

We depend from plants in a very deep and intimate way, plants provide us air to breath, food to survive and medicine to heal. The green allies can also nurture and teach our own soul thanks to their conscious Spirit and ancestral knowledge, clearing, harmonizing and restoring our energy body.